Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The anticipation is killing me.

This... I want this so bad.  Of course, like all the other Studio Calico kits, want it, really bad.  An awesome Scrap Yard friend has a sub to the PL kit and was able to add this on for me this month so now I am patiently ( I am lying, I am not patient at all) waiting the kit to get to her so she can send it out to me.  This will be my first full month with a Studio Calico product, even if it was the add on.
Studio Calico's Halley's Comet PL add on

I have been anticipating this for awhile now with no plans on what I am going to use it on.  And then I hit me.  My 6 year old, Keaton, is graduating from Tiger Scout to Wolf Scout.  Not only am I the den leader but the Cubmaster, so I will be pretty busy helping 40 boys cross over the bridge and paint stripes on their faces.  So naturally, it calls for a double page PL spread and our colors and blue/gold and as Tigers we are orange!  UH YA!  This works!  

Studio Calico had an awesome challenge for NSD with transparent pages, so I am gonna be trying this for sure!
So come May 15th, I will be getting SNAPPY with my camera so that I can get some graduation photos to use on this for sure.

And the obligatory kid shot of the day.  My youngest, Isaiah, wearing my glasses.  We were waiting to get into the doctor at 8am, eh.