Monday, May 6, 2013

3x4 Instagram Polaroids by Persnickety Prints

YES, I have already been asked about the 3x4 Instagram Polaroids.

My awesome friend Lauren, who is a fellow PLifer and a photographer in the Northern Indiana area, has me HOOKED on Persnickety Prints.  If you are interested in some amazing photos of your family, check her out here.  Look at this!  She is awesome!

Anyways, here are the steps I take to use my Instagrams and turn them into Polaroids not Photoshop involved.

Follow this link here to the Instagram Printing page.  They do more than just the 3x4 Polaroids, you can get them in 3x3s and other square sizes.

If you scroll down a bit, you have a section that looks like this

I always choose option 2 on the list, Instaport.
I choose option 1 Connect your account, which takes me to an Instagram log in box.  Log in.  :)

Upon log in, I have this screen, that is me o_hootie if you want to follow me on Instagram.  I choose the download .zip file box and start the export that takes only seconds.  

Next screen has the orange donate & download button but I just go with the free option and download only.  And it downloads to my downloads folder right away.  Mission Instaport complete.  

Next, log in to Persnickety Prints here.
Obviously, Upload and Order link in the dark purple.  It is cut off in this photo but two buttons to the right on the light blue Slideshow button is the Add Photos button.  Just follow along uploading your Instagram feed from your downloads file that you just downloaded via Instaport.

Once you have added your photos select the photos, they will have an orange boarder around them and then click the orange button that says Order Prints that is to the top right below where you logged in at.

You have a small red box pop up that gives you the option to SHIP or PICK UP... I obviously ship since I am not in Utah... and then hit continue.

Another red box pops up with a small selection on sizes to order, these are NOT it.
Below the Add to cart button and above my finger, ignore the chipped nail polish, is a blue link that says Order with More Options.  After clicking on that link you come to the next screen.

On this more options screen you have your photos, click the photos you want to use and make sure it has the blue border around it and the under step 2 and size you are going to use the drop down arrow to click on Persnickety Prints Ploaroid (3x3 Print on 3x4).  I use the Matte Cardstock and LOVE it!  It is super easy to journal on.

Simply add it to your cart and you are ready to go!  I suggest that you order them all at once because it is a lot of steps.  They also sent me a 3x4 coupon card this month that was super cute for free shipping next month, that I am including in my PL album.

I hope this helped those of you that were asking how I did this.  No PS needed!  Enjoy!