Friday, May 10, 2013


So no, I did not at all go to every Hobby Lobby store in the Indianapolis area the search for Becky Higgins Project Life core kits, if I would have had the extra money I have been tempted to though.

Instead I am excited because it has been known in my town for nearly 5 months that Hobby Lobby was going to open up here.  And the past two months, I have know the location.  Luckily there was an old strip mall here that was recently remodeled in the past decade and it still looks great so they are just working on cosmetic things in the store.  They have been working maybe 2 weeks on it.

Any who, I have been wanting a job there forever.  This is my chance.  0.70 miles from my house is pretty dang close.  Ya think?  Keeping my fingers crossed and needing all the prayers I can get for a new job.

But back to PL...maybe then, with a discount and a coupon I would be all about buying a new core kit, to split or swap.

And last, a little inspiration for the day, I have been on Pinterest having some kitchen/dining room love tonight.
If only my apartment complex would let me paint my crappy cabinets, they would so be this color! I love green.

 I have been thinking about paint my kitchen table, since it is looking pretty rough.  I bought it brand new about 4 years ago, but with my boys, it is looking pretty sad.  I am thinking of teal.
 Uh, although I have the perfect piece of furniture to do this already, it is my office nook.  But one day, I am totally having a coffee bar so that I can display all my awesome owl mugs.
An lastly, the awesome aluminum trashcan that has been spray painted and has this way awesome liner cover.  Want.  This would be a super cheap, easy way to glam up my trash.  Ya...