Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Life : January 2013

I feel like I do not take enough photos to work on my Project Life weekly.  Plus with this being my first year doing a PL album, I wanted to not stress myself out by trying to play catch up all year long.  I produced 9 single page front and back pages this month.  I did not include all of them, since I had a few that included photos of my son's Cub Scout pack.

So I present to you my monthly, chronological ordered PL layouts for the month of January 2013.
My main Becky Higgins core kit this year is Seafoam Edition.  I have bits of Studio Calico cards, washi tape, flair and cardstock stickers by Echo Park's Everyday Eclectic line.  BH design A
Besides Seafoam, I have MAMBI cards here, not sure what pack.  BH design A
I threw a touch of Olive Edition in this with my above mentioned as well as some Amy Tan Remakes stickers that I found for $2.00 at Big Lots.  BH design B
Seafoam, Cobalt, Turquoise and Simple Stories cards.  This is by far one of my favorite.  The 100th day of school is a big deal in first grade.  100 wiggly eyes.  I want to mention my love for Persnickety Prints here.  I didn't start ordering prints from them other than my 3x4 Instagram polaroids till March, so I want to show you this layout.  The bottom two photos are from CVS, 99% of my photos are taken on my Samsung Galaxy and just uploaded online to wherever.  All three photos were taken the same day, but the quality and color of the Instagram photo is MUCH better. And yes, there was a filter, but still that is on CARDSTOCK.  All of my January and Febuary photos are getting reprinted as long as I can still find the photo on Facebook, since I deleted it from my phone.  BH design D

Okay, carrying on, :) 
Yes, my cat lives in my 31 Large Utility Tote.  If you need one for your cat I am pretty positive you can find ten 31 consultants in your neighborhood.  What a huge company with amazing bags!  Here I have mixed tons of products, SC, Blush and Seafoam editions.  BH design D

And my new found love here!  Becky Higgins design F pages.  It took me FOUR months to decide what in the world I was going to do with the pack of a 10 3x4 pockets.  And then two weeks ago it hit me.  A monthly recap of the Instagram Polaroids that I didn't use.  I keep it super simple.  Just a few 3x4 filler cards, here I used Studio Calico.
And a close up!

So, I use a few different pens.  I have been using ZIG Memory System Millennium pens for over 5 years.  I prefer the 05 ones.  My new favorite pens are the fine Sharpie Pens.  They still tend to bleed through but I love the way they write.  And Sharpie makes ever color under the sun.  

I use the Studio G tape runners.  I bought a ton of them for $1 each last week and I use Glue Dots for my flair.