Friday, May 17, 2013

Garage Sale Find

I have been on the search for a desk to put in place on this 7 foot long folding table where I work on my Project Life album.  I found one.  It was the first one I looked at and cost me $30.  Score.

 I can NOT tell you just how excited I am that all my storage containers fit into the drawers.  I had 10 storage containers on the 7 foot desk.  I cannot believe these all fit perfectly in the drawers.
 Alphas, 6x6 paper pads, bags, Studio Calico kits, and photos.
 Non-kit or Core related cards, punches and trimmers, stamps, Dymo, adhesives, tags.
 Box of BH core kits, die cuts, flair, veneers, pens, Thickers.
 Blush and Jade Core kits, plastics and washi.  My washi needs a basket.
 Detail on the metal T brackets and drawer pulls.  The drawers and desk itself and two separate colors.  I kinda like the warn look.

 With my super cute chair and ya, I think this is my cat's desk.

See ya soon!

ETA:  I actually found out after I posted this blog that this is called a Campaign Desk used for military campaigns.  Apparently, the desk was able to be taken apart for easy transportation during a war.  While mine seems to have some pretty awesome details and looks old I would date it around the 1970's or so as a reproduction of some sort.  So more vintage than antique.  But I have no evidence either way, just my interweb research.