Thursday, July 11, 2013

Inspiration Boards!

Well, let me see.  I will be posting my June PL spreads soon.  I generally stay up to date, however in my last photo order I failed to upload a few photos that I needed my the biggest event in June, my kids birthday.  :/  So I will be posting a few of those later today.  In the meantime we are going to talk inspiration boards.  

A few decades back, some distant family of mine lived on this farm, that was sold to another that married into our family, I am talking some 30 years ago...  Since then the farm is looking pretty sad, the porch has fallen through, the old tractors and pick up trucks are in the yard and barns and are all overgrown with poison ivy and small trees and the old farm home that my mom played at as a little girl is now vacant.  The current owner is battling cancer and no longer lives on the property but the land is still farmed on and lawns are still mowed.

It is amazing hearing my mom, aunt and uncles all talk about the house and how they were so eager to get into rooms that they were not allowed in as kids.  Kinda like a kid in a candy shop.  My eldest uncle has to most amazing our family, he is the keeper of the stories.  Ya know, the one that bought a Sinclair gas pump some twenty years ago, my family's last name, was curious about the namesake and traced our family back to Scotland...we were Templar Knights and guarded the royal family of Scotland, ya we were cool.  My Uncle Don was my favorite growing up.  Anyways, he spent more time on that farm than any of my mom's siblings.  He worked the fields, tended to the animals, rode on the tractors and still can remember every single use for ALL the barns on property.  I wish I had those memories growing up, but I am nearly 29 and in my life, I have sat foot on this land once and it was only to take a glimpse with my mom this past year.

Well, back to my story, my mom brought home an old window while out on her latest mission.  It was dirty, had some wood damage and had window liner stuck to both sides of the glass along with dead bugs,  ICK.  I fell in love with the window and knew I wanted it.  As soon as I got home with it I started working on it and knew right away what I wanted to do with it.  Turn it into an inspiration board.
After the first cleaning.
Detail of the bad corners.  Any idea what to do here to preserve the frame and stop the glass from falling out?

I wish I would have taken before photos but here it is in its current state.

I have PLENTY of room still to add to it and just used washi tape so it can easily be removed and used again and again if needed.  I like to recycle.  :)  I can't wait to see what this will look like once it is time to start with my December Daily.

Here are some inspiration boards from Pinterest that I feel in love with.

So, if my family saw what I did with the awesome window from their beloved farm, they would prolly flip!  But I took the time to clean it up, use it and love it.  My love for old family treasures and my love art, color and memory keeping all come together full circle.

In the future I plan to have some kind of wood molding put around the glass because I am worried that it will not hold in place forever. And I would love to have some hardware attached to the back so that it can be hung but for now, it holds all of my pretties that I love that inspire me while creating.  And it reminds me of my family and their stories of the old farm in Honey Creek.

And lastly, for all my girls from Lisa Wilkinson's class two, here is the library drawer in it's current state.  Thank you Lisa, I LOVE it.  I will always treasure it!