Saturday, August 3, 2013

And so the dreaming begins

Vintage Craft Campers...yes, I said it.  I have my camping roots and my love for vintage and then there is Dear Lizzy.  It all began with this picture.
I have been a Dear Lizzy fan for awhile now. Love her lines, love the feel and love the new Project Life 5th and Frolic Becky Higgins core kit.  I have been sitting and debating the purchase of the kit for a week or two now since I have seen it make it's introduction onto every single PL group I belong to in all the Land of the WWW...but one thing holds me back, I have boys.  It is more pink than I use but I NEED it.  Just have to have it.  

Then something else happened...someone else didn't have a craft room and a lady suggested a vintage camper and then my ADD went into over drive I tell you.  All photos came off of Pinterest.

 Someday, once I own my own home and move out of this townhouse, I will own a vintage craft camper and I will put it in my back yard.  Just saying.

And then these are too cute!