Monday, June 3, 2013

Project 2012 done in a week!

So, first off, thanks for joining me on Monday Project Life days where I am sharing my project life pages.  And now this, 2012 in a week.  Talk about two much time on my hands.  Ok, so let me explain myself first.

  1. I work a seasonal job at a children's art company on three months, off three month, on three month, off three get it right?  Well, my on time happens to be the 'busy' time of the schools years just before mothers/fathers day and before Christmas so we work like crazy people copying/scanning and printing art throughout all 50 states in the USA and some countries.  The job is great, if you ONLY could see the art that I yes, I have lots of free time.  
  2. While off work, my children ages 6 and 7 years old this month actually, are both at school full day.  So I have the majority of my day to myself.  When I am not being MOM, a Cub Scout Cubmaster or den leader or watching old tv series on Netflix I need something else to do so I make stuffs.
  3.  I just really really really love to scrapbook.  I have been scrapbooking for as long as I remember.  My oldest scrapbooks that I still have date back to 1996 but even before then I spent a lot of time making things.  I was an only child till I was 10 so I didn't have any siblings to beat up as a kid, so I would "sit on my bed and make shit" as my mother would say. 
This basicially sums up my reason for documenting ALL of 2012 in a week.  Like seriously.  Let me tell you a few things about my week.  I spent $$$ of photos from Persnickety Prints and they all arrived at once.  So other than pulling a few hard copies that were given to me ahead of time, I was set with that one delivery.
Most of my SC cards that were never used in 2013 current months were used in my 2012 album, so this means that I had handfuls of cordinating cards and embellies.  Plus, I had been hoarding 12x12 pp so I had everything I needed at my fingertips.  
Then lastly I bought a great priced album and used the same design plastics through my entire album.  So all I needed to do was work on it.  I spent two whole Sundays putting it together and a few hours throughout the rest of my week to finalize spreads and add anything extra.
Anything extra at this point would just be photos found here or there from that year that I would likely just throw together on a 12x12.

So here we go.

So, I ordered nearly 200 3x4 Instagram Polaroids and none of them were in order of when they were taken so this took a few hours to sort through them.  This was my last group to sort through.  I was tired of sorting, just chilling bed watching Gossip Girl reruns...I love Chuck Bass.
This I am pretty positive I posted already.  Just me in progress.

The rest is just a handful of pages from the summer/fall months.
 I actually wanna run some sequins along some of this paper with a sewing machine, but have not been able to do that yet.  I am pretty positive that this is The Paper Studio pp.  I love it so much I have like 20 sheets of it.  I use it way often.

This is actually the back of my cover page.  All out of order.
This is my son Keaton, with the short dark hair and his half brother.  I loved this picture.  I journalled on the 4x6 card and then put some more journalling on that 3x4 card with the tab and star on it.  My only thing I want to do with this is run it through the sewing machine, BUT mine broke.  I need a new one.

Most of the 3x4 cards are either Studio Calico or Elle's Studio.  I also used some more of the woodland pp and a few sheets of Dear Lizzy pp and some Atlantic pp from Studio Calico.  My embellishments are an assortment of Smash, SC, Elle's Studio, K&Company, MME and other lables like Chic Tags and ticket stubs, etc.

I want to just encourage everyone to know that with just a few days and ALL your supplies organized in front of you, that you can complete a whole year right now.  I kept this simple, same plastics, majority of this was all 3x4 Instagram Polaroids from Persnickety Prints.  There were multiple other layouts with random photos too, but those came after the basic bones of the album were assembled.  

Anyways, thanks for looking.