Friday, June 14, 2013

It is Blog Hop Weekend time: Lets Talk About Kits

This week, I have finished a few layouts and put some finishing touches on last week's Blog Hop Weekend post so if you want to go here and give this a second chance you totally can.

I have received some happy mail as well as a few kits so here I am going to take out all the kids because there are a few that I have not even opened yet.

First off lets start with Studio Calico Roundabout Project Life kit because this is my first month as a subscriber and I have to admit that I love the quality of the cards.  In the new box, which I love because they are so similar to Becky Higgins' core boxes, I received 6 4x6 cards, 24 3x4 cards, two alphas and 4 specialty cards that were the embellishments of this kit. As a subber the kit cost 19.99 and shipping for just the kit in the USA was $25.50.

I Like:  My opion is that the cards are awesome.  I love the style and colors of ALL the SC PL cards I have ever recieved so this is really the best fit for me.  The quality of the cards are wonderful.  Normally the embellishments are super awesome too and you can't go wrong with the Thickers or the Basic Grey alpha.  
The Cons: for me is that there are only 24 3x4 cards and out of those 24 cards only nine of them are two sided.  All the rest have the grid backgrounds so they are still usable in the event that the graphic direction does not work for you.  Personally, I would rather have more cards than a 'half' pack of Thickers all though I do love the cork Thickers.  And lastly the lack of embellishments is frustrating.  I would prefer to not have the 4 fancy cards.  
Wrap Up:  Although most SC PL subbers are losing their minds about the lack of embellishments I feel that the cards in the kit are so busy and colorful that embellishments would be too much on most of these cards.  But I am irritated that there are less cards in general this month.

Next up I have Scraptastic's A Day in the Life kit.  This June 2013 kit is the first PL kit as far as I believe.  It was $28 and with shipping my total came to $33.50 in the USA.  

The Pros:  The quality of the 24 3x4 and 4 4x6 cards and the fact that they are Ormolo exclusive cards is a huge plus to me.  And the Ormolo stamp set is great.  
The Cons:  Lack of embellishments.  Cost more money than the high popular Studio Calico kits.
Wrap Up: I love Ormolo but these cards are not my style.  I do not think I will purchase another Scraptastic kit because of the embellishments and price of the kit.

Here, in this crappy quality Instagram photo I have the Limited Edition Elle's Studio kit for June.  If you purchase this kit on it's debut, the 10th of every month it only cost $9.99 but after that day it jumps to $11.99.  Also, shipping was just a few bucks.  There are 8 3x4 cards, some tabbed, 3  4x6 cards, 2 frames, a sheet of vellum labels and a handful of die cut bits.  

The Pros: the designs and the price.
The Cons: I want more.  When I purchased this Elle released her new lines Cameron and Saltwater, so my total was more than the cost of just the kit.
Wrap Up:  I will likely keep purchasing these kits.  The designs are adorable.

So these are currently the three kits that I purchased this month.  I also purchase parts of Pretty Little Studio's Nature Walk line, which always has a vintage feel to it to me, which I love.  As well as a few goodies from TSY 1.0 on Facebook.  

And lastly, I have the most adorable Pen Pal, Mrs. Jones, who sent me my first goodies.  We did a getting to know you theme.  I am just finishing up one last pen pal package for a lovely lady in Austrailia and then I am off to the post office to mail these off.  But here is a look at my goodies.
So cute!  Plus it coordinates perfectly with my Seafoam and Jade core kits I am using this year.

So anyways, how do you feel about the kits?  What does your mailman bring you every month?  Lets talk.  

See you soon for more Project Life spreads!