Friday, June 7, 2013

Blog Hop Weekend #1

It is Blog Hop Weekend and I threw this post together really fast but wanted to be able to provide you all with some new layouts that I have been working on this week, actually I worked for 5 hours yesterday on most of these.  The majority of these spreads are put together with Studio Calico's May Project Life kit, Planetarium.  I pulled together a few pieces of Studio Calico's Atlantic also, since it all matches and really worked beautifully with my photos too.

I have 9+ spreads so far for May, it was a busy month between our daily life and Mother's Day, my little brother was swarn into the Army, graduated from high school and had an open house too. I had lots of photos and for protection of my brother, have chosen to not post the Army photos although I feel like those are some of my better spreads.

So, this was the beginning of our month and just a few photos.  That middle card that has the Freckled Fawn star bits on it, actually pulls out to be a Jade folded card, first one I have ever used.  I need to get a picture of that tomorrow.
EDIT:  Here are a few photos of the pull our journal card.

Mother's day here.  Loved all these colors.  I will likely play around with my placement on this still.  This was a really fun day for our family.
 So here, the kids and I have been working on some garden pots.  Isaiah planted a pickle seed a month ago and woke up disappointed multiple days in a row when he discovered that nothing grew.  So, Keaton and I went and bought a cucumber plant one day and planted it while he was still at school.  He was so excited once he came home and saw it.  I don't expect it to grow too much since it needs to vine and it is in a pot.  It was really an important even this month in my house for Isaiah.
 This was mostly all about soccer.  These are MAMBI cards.  I needed to journal about how difficult soccer has been for Isaiah.  The month of May was very difficult on him.  Isaiah has ADHD and high functioning Autism and his meds were tweaked a bit and this caused mass chaos this month.  If you are an autism mom and deal with this sorta thing then you know JUST what I am talking about.

 Scrapbooker problems.  When you have alpha stickers stuck to your feet and you keep finding them for a few days.

This was a mess up.  Well, my kid cut the other side of this plastic trying to get the sequins out, HA!  So I figured it would be perfect for this spread with these few photos.  The other side is an awesome Army spread but for privacy reasons I am keeping it private.
 There was a lot of detail here that I wanted to catch, that was really difficult in the lighting with the velum here.  I really loved the photos here.  My kids, whom will be 6 and 7 years old next week, have never been fishing, shame on me, had their first fishing experience.  Isaiah caught his first fish, but was scared of it so Keaton, being my little clown, had to pose with it.  Plus this was super special because we never spend much time with my dad, so it was a lot of fun for my boys.

This page is not finished yet, but I wanted to put it out there still.
Monthly wrap up page.

 This might be one of my favorite spreads I have done.  The corals and mints are some of my favorite colors.  This was my kiddo's last day of school.  I spent my day working on my 2012 PL album and was able to get those awesome shots of them getting off the bus, the same way I got shots of them getting on the bus on their first day of school this past year.

And lastly, I have something I am pretty excited about.  It is a free eight week summer storytelling workshop called Find Your Voice.  I am really thrilled to learn more and see what Kristin has to offer us.  You and find out more about her workshop on her blog here.